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Hit Rewind 80s – Weekly Rewind (07/11/15)

Week 3 of my new 80’s music blog and I continue to seek out opinions, feedback and suggestions.  This “Hit Rewind 80’s” blog is meant to take a flashback look into the weekly Top 40 charts for each year in the 80s.

I’m trying out a new concept in this post:  Choose a random chart position each week and start the blog with a random year to see what the Rewind 10 list would look like each week.  That way, we’re exploring the entire Top 40 during each blog entry instead of looking at the Top 10.  In my opinion, looking at the entire Top 40 brings back more 80s musical memories and hopefully, adds a special spark into your lives.

For this week, I’m starting in the year 1987 with chart position #4.  I continue through each successive year (through the decade years), skipping 4 slots each year.  So, this rewind covers chart positions, #4(1987), #8 (1988), #12 (1989), #16 (1980), #20 (1981), #24 (1982), #28 (1983), #32 (1984), #36 (1985) and #40 (1986):

#4/Songbird (1987) – Kenny G

#8/Hands to Heaven (1988) – Breathe

#12/On Our Own (1989) – Bobby Brown

#16/I’m Alive (1980) – Electric Light Orchestra

#20/America (1981) – Neil Diamond

#24/Heat of the Moment (1982) – Asia

#28/Saved by Zero (1983) – The Fixx

#32/Stay the Night (1984) – Chicago

#36/Find a Way (1985) – Amy Grant

#40/Dancing on the Ceiling (1986) – Lionel Richie

Spotify Playlist:  Spotify Playlist

YouTube Playlist:  YouTube Playlist

I appreciate all feedback, suggestions, ideas and comments…..so please enjoy your weekly 80’s rewind 🙂


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